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Sell the #FutureNow at TimeQuake Expo

There are a total of twenty-one (21) exhibitor venues, including the convention center, football stadium, basketball arena, sixteen (16) different hotels, and also booth areas designated for all available spaces in the multi-floor shopping mall.

Available Venues:

  • Convention Center (all major types of utilities are available here)
  • Football Stadium (venue is reserved for “outdoor” products only)
  • Basketball Arena (high volume of general admission foot traffic)
  • Sixteen (16) Hotels (variety of interiors, sleep/stay close to booth)
  • Shopping Mall (Last chance for Expo booth, spots TBD 90 days out)

Within all indoor event areas, the base module size is a 10’x10′ booth – with any combination available – space permitting. 

Within some of the hotels, there are also 8’x8′ booth module sizes available. 

You may obtain any individual booth by itself, or mix and match any two or more adjacent modules, even as differently-sized booth modules if they are physically adjacent to each other, in any available arrangement that results in any overall rectangular reservation of exhibitor/vendor space.

Corners (single corner) or endcaps (double corner) and walkthrus are available as amenities as described in our Booth and Area Prices PDF, which describes related amenities like the free WiFi provided to each and every exhibitor/vendor,  modifying  tables/chairs,  number  of  included/reduced  FuturePasses,  the  availability  of  increasing  booth  electricity  beyond  the  basic free 10amp electrical service, and utilities (water/drain, etc.).

Remember to directly confirm through your personal Reservation Concierge for everything your group or company will need at TimeQuake Expo.

Certain products are required to be in the first come first served “outdoor” stadium area.

The TimeQuake Expo main “outdoor” event venue shares the stadium field with the main DanceQuake Venue, and utilizes much larger exhibitor-vendor booth module sizes than what are available at any of the “indoor” venues, primarily for displaying a few dozen different future-tech personal vehicles, like flying cars from manufacturers around the world, various outdoor equipments like robotic lawnmowers, snowblowers and similar other future-tech outdoor gear and items (sporting, leisure, camping, etc.), plus whatever else generally needs much larger exhibit and/or demonstration spaces, for various products that can interact with simulated “outdoor” conditions (sunlight, wind, etc.), and so forth.

While there will be no provision of any utilities for exhibitor-vendors in the stadium field, the sheer byproduct draw factor of exhibiting-retailing within the direct presence of DanceQuake concerts is an immense opportunity. 

All venue audio will be redirected to help facilitate normal conversation volumes within the “outdoor” booths themselves, and house lighting will never be reduced below half.

Remember to directly confirm through your personal Reservation Concierge for everything your group or company will need at TimeQuake Expo.